Reproduction materials for the study "The cost of diversity in livestock feed rations"

Published: 8 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v3k5xhtnn2.1
Adam M. Komarek, Sherman Robinson, Daniel Mason-D'Croz


This dataset contains the reproduction materials for the study titled 'The cost of diversity in livestock feed rations', which can be accessed at


Steps to reproduce

There are two root directory folders inside the file '': 1) 'analysisGAMS': contains the GAMS code and data required to run the GAMS code. There are 8 .gms files and 3 data .gdx files The .gms files are ordered sequentially and 00master.gms runs all .gms files sequentially. Model documentation is included in 00master.gms. 2) 'analysisR': contains the R scripts and data required to generate the results reported in this study. First, open the R project 'livestockFeedDiversityCosts.Rproj'. There are 8 R scripts and 3 excel data files. The scripts are ordered sequentially and 08masterFile.R runs all scripts sequentially.


Cornell University, University of Queensland, International Food Policy Research Institute


Agricultural Economics, Mathematical Programming, Livestock Management Systems