Breastfeeding support and self-evaluation

Published: 8 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v3v8hns4p6.1
Keiko Nanishi


Hypothesis: Does more breastfeeding support three months postpartum predict more positive self-evaluation of breastfeeding five months postpartum? Measurement and findings: Breastfeeding support was measured three months postpartum using the Breastfeeding Support Scale, which measures informational support, appraisal, practical help, and response to emotional needs for breastfeeding provided by a wide range of people, including peers, family, and professionals. Breastfeeding self-evaluation was measured using the revised Japanese Maternal Breastfeeding Evaluation Scale, Short Version, five months postpartum. Multiple linear regression modeling showed that receiving more support three months postpartum was associated with a more positive self-evaluation of breastfeeding five months postpartum (Beta = 0.264, p = 0.001). Interpretation: Breastfeeding support might contribute to better self-evaluation of breastfeeding.,


Steps to reproduce

Mothers who visited a public health center for their infant’s health check-up in Tokyo, Japan, were approached. One hundred seventy-seven mothers participated. They were at least 18 years old, had a singleton infant, were fluent in Japanese, had expressed (during pregnancy) an intent to breastfeed, and completed the self-administered questionnaires both three months and five months postpartum. All analyses were done using SPSS version 27.0.


Public Health, Women's Health, Breastfeeding