Novel dietary intervention program “COMB meal program” approach to health and work productivity: Data from in-house studies.

Published: 10 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v3wjy248xr.1
shobako naohisa


The data provided here are the mean ± standard deviation of the physical parameters, blood test results, gut microbiome, and presenteeism. A flowchart of the trials is shown in figure 1. The inclusion and exclusion criteria for these trials are summarized in figure 2. An overview of the trials is summarized in table 1. The measured items are summarized in figure 3. In trial 1 and 2, participants consumed test meals, and the nutritional range of the test foods is defined in table 2 for four weeks on weekdays while trial 3 included eight weeks. All the menus provided to the participants are shown in table 3. The results of trial 1 are shown in table 4 and the subgroup analysis is shown in table 5. The results of trial 2 are shown in table 6 and the subgroup analysis is shown in table 7. The results of trial 3 are shown in table 8 and the subgroup analysis is shown in table 9.


Steps to reproduce

Measurement methods were shown in our research article (Nakazeko and Shobako et al, Journal of Functional Foods; 2022, 105050).


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