Bearing Vibration Data under Time-varying Rotational Speed Conditions

Published: 12 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v43hmbwxpm.1
Huan Huang,
Natalie Baddour


The data contain vibration signals collected from bearings of different health conditions under time-varying rotational speed conditions. There are 36 datasets in total. For each dataset, there are two experimental settings: bearing health condition and varying speed condition. The health conditions of the bearing include (i) healthy, (ii) faulty with an inner race defect, and (iii) faulty with an outer race defect. The operating rotational speed conditions are (i) increasing speed, (ii) decreasing speed, (iii) increasing then decreasing speed, and (iv) decreasing then increasing speed. Therefore, there are 12 different cases for the setting. To ensure the authenticity of the data, 3 trials are collected for each experimental setting which results in 36 datasets in total. Each dataset contains two channels: 'Channel_1' is vibration data measured by the accelerometer and 'Channel_2' is the rotational speed data measured by the encoder. All these data are sampled at 200,000Hz and the sampling duration is 10 seconds.



University of Ottawa


Mechanical Vibration