Frustration Intolerance Mediates Grit and Mach

Published: 27 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v4v9pj6tmw.1
Luke Vargo, Reiko Graham


Abstract: Grit is largely considered an adaptive trait associated with facets of well-being and success. However, previous studies have illuminated the cognitive rigidity inherent to grit and raised questions if a diligent focus on achievement may lead to amoral attitudes and behaviors when pursuing goals. The current study aimed to clarify the discrepant results pertaining to this question and examined a potential mediating variable: Frustration intolerance, or the inability to endure goal and comfort related obstacles. Grit negatively predicted the callous and manipulative attitudes of Machiavellianism, and this relationship was partially mediated by frustration intolerance. These results support differences in tolerating frustration explain the contrasting morality between gritty and Machiavellian goal attainment.



Texas State University San Marcos


Social Psychology