Effective Area Parameters

Published: 7 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v5mgr25w2n.1


This data-set contains the measured readings of all the parameters required for estimation of effective area which, further, can be used for estimation of vehicle equivalency factors. Vehicle equivalency factors are required to convert a heterogeneous traffic stream, such as in developing countries like India (urban areas), into an equivalent homogeneous traffic stream to calculate roadway capacity and plot speed-flow relations. Furthermore, this data was acquired with the help of SEV software (as described in Minh et al. 2005); videography method was adopted to record video of the selected road sections, which was analysed in the SEV software. It must be noted that the selected sites were in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state in India; however, the accuracy of the final equivalency factors can be increased with addition of more samples. (An illustrative figure is also provided to derive an idea as to how this data-set can be interpreted to calculate effective area.)


Steps to reproduce

The software, namely, SEV.exe was adpoted for data collection and the recorded data was maintained in excel spreadsheets for each sample. This data can be reproduced with the help of the same software (or any similar software). An indicative diagram is provided for additional reference.


Gujarat Technological University


Urban Transportation, Traffic Engineering