Virtual reality therapy in patients after trauma surgery: prospective clinical trial

Published: 9 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v66fg5kpkb.1
Grigoriy Lysenko


A prospective clinical study included 70 patients admitted for elective trauma surgery. VR-therapy in combination with medicated analgesics was used in 35 patients. The control group included 35 patients who, after performing similar surgical interventions, were given pain relief only with medication. Virtual reality therapy was performed using an Oculus Quest 2 device (Facebook Technologist). Sessions of 25 minutes were performed 3, 7, 12 hours after the operation. The effectiveness of pain therapy was assessed using a numerical rating scale. The response of the endocrine-metabolic response to pain was assessed by changes in the concentration of cortisol and ACTH



Voenno-meditsinskaja akademija imeni S M Kirova


Postoperative Pain