Experimental data set from a benchmark test of delamination growth with varying crack growth rate and crack front shape under quasi-static and fatigue loading

Published: 29 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v7bgzx9gmw.1
Laura Carreras, Jordi Renart, Albert Turon, Josep Costa, Brian Lau Verndal Bak, Esben Lindgaard, Federico Martin de la Escalera, Yasser Essa


This data repository provides the processed data to reproduce the findings presented in the article entitled "A benchmark test for validating 3D simulation methods for delamination growth under quasi-static and fatigue loading" by the same authors. In this work, a comprehensive benchmark case consisting of a double cantilever beam (DCB)-like specimen with partially reinforced arms is presented. The benchmark case is both simple in terms of geometry (easily introduced in a simulation model) and complex in terms of the phenomenology of the crack advance, with varying crack growth rate and front shape. The test configuration, the methodology and the data processing are addressed in the related article. A total number of seven specimens are tested: four under quasi-static and three under fatigue loading conditions. Load-displacement curves and crack front geometries processed from X-ray radiography are provided for all the tests performed. In addition, a complete set of elastic, fracture and fatigue properties for the material are provided in the article. This data set, in conjunction with the associated article, constitutes a comprehensive benchmark test against which existing or future delamination growth models can be evaluated.



Composite Materials, 3D Analysis, Benchmarking, Fatigue, Delamination