Calamansi Juice with Camote Leaf Extract: A Product Development

Published: 27-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v7skdj677z.1
Reymund Titong


Calamansi is an abundant naturally-grown citrus tree and is one of the sources of staple fruit juice in the Philippines. Hence, this research study aimed to develop an acceptable mocktail drink that utilized the extract of Calamansi Juice with Camote Leaves. The conceptual framework utilized was the Product Development framework, which is a systematic, commercially oriented research to examine what constitutes a new developed product that satisfies every consumer. Factors considered in the product testing included the appearance, taste, color, consistency, aroma and general acceptability that distinguished food product development which are the ethical considerations of producing large volume of safe and healthy food product for human consumption. In line with this, a product testing with one product sample was conducted and participated by the three hundred fifty four (354) student respondents, eighty four (84) teacher respondents, and ten (10) entrepreneur respondents. An evaluation sheet using the modified nine-point Hedonic scale was devised for the conduct of product testing that established the overall acceptability of the product from the respondents.