Data_Invasive glossy buckthorn (Frangula alnus Miller) has a weak impact on native understory plants and saprophagous macroarthropods in woodland area.

Published: 4 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/v7vjwph992.2
Gabrielle Roberge,


Here are all the data used to built the research on the impact of F. alnus on the diversity and community structure of understory plants and saprophagous macroarthropods. Please note that the data may include french words, as it is the first author maternal language. If necessary, simply reach Ms Roberge for additional information. CVS/excel Files -Data_detx_sel : Mean abundance of selected saprophagous macroarthropods per sites -Data_obj2 : Environmental and divesity indexes for each sites - saprophagous macroarthropods -Env : Variables data for RDA of understory plants -Env.rda : Variables data for RDA of saprophagous macroarthropods -Obj1_vegetaux_R31aout : percentage and average of coverage of each understory plant species in all 4 plots per site -PCA_ratio_vegx : percentage ratio of coverge of each plant species on each plots for RDA -Portait : Environmental and divesity indexes for each sites - understory plants -tableau_esp_detritivores : total abundance of saprophagous macrorthropods for each plots and each capture periods R Scripts : -script_indices_biodiversite : Script used to obtain biodiversity indexes (shannon, evenness, effective number of species) for both understoryplants and saprophagous macroarthopods. -script_officiel : complete script testing all four hypotheses : F. alnus will (1) modify the structure of plant species communities in the understory layer and (2) reduce their specific diversity. The increase of F. alnus density, as well as the diversity loss of native understory plants species also suggests that (3) the specific composition of saprophagous macroarthropods communities will be altered, (4) and their specific diversity should decrease.



Universite du Quebec a Montreal


Community Ecology, Ecosystem Diversity, Invasive Plants, Soil Macroarthropods