The Effect of Compost augmented with Streptomyces spp on Maize (Zea mays L.) rhizosphere microbial dynamics and plant development

Published: 30 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v84mc5mbv3.1
Sissay Mekbib


The research data refers to the green farming practice with the application of compost augmented with selected strains of Streptomyces spp which has critical importance for sustainable development in agriculture. Compositing of organic matter lies with the active microorganisms which decompose it in essential steps to release the bound nutrients in nutrient residues into available and soluble forms (Pathma and Sakthivel, 2012). The data presented in this article include the effect of different strains of Streptomyces spp in single and combined treatment applications for germination and growth of maize shoot and root. These data may help in further evaluation of the use of filamentous bacteria of the genera Streptomyces for composting of cattle manure to enhance soil fertility for plant growth and control of plant diseases. Key words: compost; chicken manure; cow manure; Streptomyces; plant growth promoting rhizobacteria; phytohormones *Corresponding author: Tel: (+266) 63 242329; Fax: (+266) 52340000; E-mail: /, P. O. Roma 180 *Title: Data on the effect of compost augmented with Streptomyces spp on maize (Zea mays L.) rhizosphere microbial dynamics and plant development *Authors: Seilatsatsi Mota, Mekbib Sissay Bekele* *Affiliations: National University of Lesotho *Contact email: *Co-authors: *CATEGORY: Research Subject area Compost Science, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Agro-ecology, More specific subject area Compost, Soil amendment and fertility (Biofetilizer), Organic farming, Biological control Type of data Semi-quantitative data: Pictures, tables, figures, graphs How data was acquired Screening and selection of Streptomyces strains, Composting and pH measurements, seed vigor test, weekly, soil compost microbial dynamics analysis, shoot length (every three days), shoot and root biomass measurements (destructive method at the end (28 days ) of the experiment. Data format Word, Excel and SPSS Experimental factors Compost and soil pH, maize shoot length and shoot and root biomass weight, reduction in soil microbial burden Experimental features Experimental design included the potential use of chicken and cattle manure compost with the application of Streptomyces strains and evaluate their impact on maize seed germination, shoot growth and root biomass development. Data source location Mendeley Data accessibility Value of the Data • The data indicates the high pH variability of chicken and cattle manure. • The data shows the potential use of thes • The data indicates the high pH variability of chicken and cattle manure. • The data shows the potential use of these selected strains (S1-S7) of Streptomyces species in compost formation • The data prevailed the significant effect of single or combined use of Streptomyces strains for maize seed germination and fast development.



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