"Skeletal Fluorosis in Patients with Dental Fluorosis due to Groundwater Consumption in the Inhabitants of the Azua Compostela Province, Dominican Republic Period February-March of 2022”

Published: 25 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v89356ncmz.1
Modelo Educativo,


Since 1888, a condition that manifests itself when fluoride is ingested in high amounts and for long periods of time, called fluorosis, has been analyzed, recorded and studied. In that order, when said effects of fluoride affect the teeth, it is usually called dental fluorosis or when it occurs particularly in the bones and joints, it is called skeletal fluorosis. Both effects of fluoride have been the subject of research to date, countries such as Mexico, Pakistan, India, the United States, and Argentina have significant data that serve as a reference for the identification of risk factors and future prevention.


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The method used to collect information was: Survey Methodology, which allowed collecting information from the patients who were treated at the clinic. An observational, descriptive and cross-sectional study of prospective data collection will be carried out, with the purpose of identifying the relationship of skeletal fluorosis in patients with dental fluorosis due to groundwater consumption in the inhabitants of Estebania, Tábara Arriba, Barreras, Pueblo Viejo, Las Charcas, Sabana Yegua, Azua and Puerto Viejo of the Azua Compostela Province of the Dominican Republic.


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