Dataset on the COVID-19 Pandemic Situation in Tunisia with Application to SIR Model

Published: 23 April 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/v8fhn6wsh2.3


The Data of COVID-19 in Tunisia from March 02, 2020 to April 19, 2020 were collected from the website of three official sources: the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases of the Tunisian Ministry of Health, the Coronavirus Worldometer and The World Health Organization (WHO). An Excel file was used to build a time-series database. The daily tests and the total recovered are only collected from the country official source. SIR model is designed for the country using an open source Matlab code and the previous excel database consisting of 45 number determinations.


Steps to reproduce

Database (Excel Workbook): COVID-19 Tunisian database from 02 March 2020 to 19 April 2020 Fig.1 (pdf): Times series of the total infected cases for the three sources. Fig.2 (pdf): Time series of the total infected cases, the total Deaths and the total recovered collected from the country official source. Fig.3 (pdf): Time series of the daily tests and the infected Cases/day from the country official source. Fig.4 (tiff): Actual and predicted total number of cases using the SIR model in Tunisia. Fig.5 (tiff): Actual and predicted daily number of cases in Tunisia using SIR model.


Carl Sandburg College - Branch Campus, Baptist Medical Center Leake


Mathematical Modeling, Medical Care in Tunisia, Tunisia, Epidemic, Epidemic Dynamics, Biological Mathematics, Coronavirus Disease 2019