LOTEM and MT data for HMC joint inversion, Wuhan China.

Published: 28 April 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/v8zg9sph37.2
Simon Carter


This data was collected in the vicinity of Yangtze University, Caidian campus Wuhan China 430100. Date of collection: 30 September 2018. 3 Audio MT sites were recorded with LOTEM recievers at the same sites: AMT-Ex1, AMT-Ex2 (note the modes for AMT_Ex2 are reversed) and AMT-Ex3 with the corresponding YUTEM_Ex1.DAT, YUTEM_Ex2.DAT and YUTEM_Ex3.DAT. The locations are in the header files of the EDI. Site 1 (AMT-Ex1.edi and LOTEM_Ex1.DAT) are the pair inverted in the paper. TM mode corresponds with LOTEM Ex response LOTEM information electode 1 coordinates: 214618.7 3381187.3 electode 2 coordinates: 213037.0 3380368.0 current: 20.2A is found in LOTEM_Ex1.DAT column 2.



Yangtze University


Applied Geophysics