Adsorption of Selenate onto Synthetic Imogolite

Published: 16 May 2020| Version 7 | DOI: 10.17632/v95chnysjh.7
Yufei Wang,


The files contain the data associated with the paper entitled 'Adsorption of Selenate onto Synthetic Imogolite'. 'Characterization' includes the characterization data of the synthetic imogolite that proves the success of the synthesis. Additional characterization information of the synthetic imogolite are also attached, including the the field emission-scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) images, the specific surface area measurement, and the characteristic peaks of the powder X-ray diffractogram. The adsorption isotherms file contains datasets of adsorption under systematically varied chemical conditions. Specifically speaking, the tabs show the dependence on pH (3 to 10), types (NaCl, NaNO3, NaClO4) and concentrations (0.1 mol/L, 0.01 mol/L) of background electrolytes, and initial selenate loading (10^-7 to 10^-3 mol/L). The last two tabs are the data for the two figures in the Supporting Information, which are the dependence on time to acquire the adsorption kinetics and on the existence of CO2. The data collection methods can be referred to the main text of the paper.



Tokyo Daigaku


Adsorption Isotherm, Electron Microscopy, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Selenate, Powder Diffraction, Surface Area, Spectrophotometry, Electrostatics