Data for: Comparison of three methodologies for optimize layout of in-core detectors with specific number

Published: 27 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v9pppn2cyh.1
Wenhuai Li


C012D.json : The raw input datas of assemlies core power distribution under 6000 different core operation status that are used in paper. KML3-14.txt : the iteration results of KML3 strategy with final 14 detectors. KML3-19.txt : the iteration results of KML2 strategy with final 19 detectors. KML1-25.txt : the iteration results of KML1 strategy with final 25 detectors. RF.json the detector importance results for all assemblies power in random forest methods person-95.json: the person correlative coefficient generated by CC methods.



Nuclear Power Plant