Data for: DNA-based diet analysis of mesopelagic fish from the southern Kerguelen Axis

Published: 13 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/v9v6dcgjkw.1
Laurence Clarke,
Rowan Trebilco,
Bruce Deagle,
Andrea Polanowski,
Andrea Walters


OTU tables (18S rDNA and mitochondrial COI), mapping file with sample info (species, standard length, etc.), and file with dates and lat/longs for the trawls. The OTU numbers are not continuous as some OTUs were assigned to parasites, fish, or contaminants rather than diet items. The sample numbers are not continuous as samples with low sequencing depth (<1000 reads for 18S, 0 reads for COI) were excluded. OTUs were assigned to order level for 18S and species for COI where possible.



Molecular Ecology