Digg Voting Processed Data

Published: 01-08-2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vbg65x5z68.1
Khushnood Abbas


Digg voting contains 3553 news items where 139409 users have voted or digged (3018196 links) for the news stories from 31 January 2009 to 5 July 2009 [1,2]. 1.Digg votes network dataset – KONECT,Accessed: 01/03/2017; 2017. Available from: http://konect.uni-koblenz.de/networks/digg-votes. 2. Hogg T, Lerman K. Social dynamics of digg. EPJ Data Science. 2012;1(1):5. About data: The first column is user id (normalized) , second column news item id and third column the the time in hours, which is normalized with respect to minimum date available. One can find the R code for reproducing data. https://github.com/khushnood/Phd/blob/master/DiggDataSetPreparation.R


Steps to reproduce

First convert the time in to number of hours from start. Then we have randomly sampled 10,000 users and all their digged news.