Roadway Safety Data Integrator (RSDI) Tool & Integrated Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) Datasets

Published: 21 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vcj5rzxzw4.1


The Highway Safety Information System (HSIS) is a database that maintains crash data, roadway inventory, and traffic volume data for several US states. It is an excellent source of data to highway safety research and can be used to investigate many research questions. However, to prepare an analysis-ready roadway safety dataset based on the HSIS or any databases that store the data in multiple different subsets and follow linear referencing, the researchers should integrate multiple datasets, merge or unmerge and remove certain inconsistent records, and finally clean the dataset. The HSIS staff is usually accommodating and eager to help, but sometimes the nature of data needs is complicated and laborious. A tool named Roadway Safety Data Integrator (RSDI) was developed for combining, segmenting, and selecting homogeneous HSIS roadway segments and also crash assignment by desired crash fields (e.g., crash severity or type). The RSDI tool can be helpful for integrating different safety-related datasets such as roadway inventory (including grade, curve, and other subsets), traffic volume, and crash data; also, it can do required segmentation and identify the homogeneous roadway segments over the desired years of study that are the basis for development and calibration of the HSM predictive models. The RSDI tool can be used for similar purposes and not only limited to the HSIS data. It can be used for segmentation and finding homogeneous segments of any datasets that follow linear referencing. The data consists of the following items: - The RSDI tool and its guide - Integrated and raw HSIS data from states of Illinois (R2U: 2005-10) and Washington (R2U: 2010-15) R2U: Rural two-lane, two-way roads


Steps to reproduce

The steps to reproduce the data are provided in the RSDI tool guide.


Morgan State University


Data Integration, Accident, Motor Vehicle Crash, Highway Safety, Road Safety