University of North Dakota UTP Flow loop Undulations Experiment Data

Published: 9 January 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vd2hj27ywy.2
Youcef KHETIB,


The Data Set represents the high frequency Pressure, flowrates and water holdup acquired data while running the [A:J] set of flow conditions (Superficial water mixture and air velocities) for different lateral section undulations from 0 to 3 undulations with amplitudes ranging from 0 to 20cm, as explained in the related paper by the author., the raw data is uploaded in the separate folders for each flow conditions and the meta data with calculated and estimated values are compiled in the meta data excel document. The finding of the experimental runs explains how the undulations characteristics do influence the transient flow behavior (slugs frequencies, translational velocity, length, pressure loss, and pressure variability). Khetib,Y. (2022). INVESTIGATION OF TRANSIENT MULTIPHASE FLOW PERFORMANCE IN UNDULATING HORIZONTAL UNCONVENTIONAL WELLS. In University of North Dakota ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.


Steps to reproduce

The data set is produced through the UTP Flowloop, by running the set of flow conditions from A to J. for each undulation number and amplitude configuration as shown in the runs Meta Data file. the videos were captured using a 240 fps high speed camera focused on the vertical section of all runs, and on all the lateral individual sections of runs A, B,and C flow conditions for 3 undulations and 10cm amplitude.


University of North Dakota


Fluid Flow, Flow Analysis, Multiphase Flow, Slug Flow, Two Phase Flow, Two Phase Flow Pressure Drop, Multiphase Fluid Dynamics


North Dakota Industrial Commission