The saccadic repertoire of larval zebrafish reveals kinematically distinct saccades that are used in a behavioural context-dependent manner - Dowell et al. 2024

Published: 19 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vd5zdfwc37.1


The repository contains the data and code for making the figures in Dowell et al. 2024. Preprint on BioRXiv:


Steps to reproduce

We recorded eye and tail kinematics in tethered and freely swimming larvae. Details of methods can be found in the paper (Preprint: Data files AgMetrics_05_06_2022_updated.mat - Tethered processed saccade data AgMetrics_08_03_2023.mat - Free-swimming processed saccade data AllPM.mat - Free-swimming convergent saccade data with paramecia tracking information gmb_93.mat - Example tethered experiment data (Fish 93) umapIdx220606.mat - Original umap embedding and clustering of tethered data (saccades not initiating during swims) nmapIdx220606.mat - Supervised umap embedding and clustering on whole tethered dataset umapIdx230803.mat - Supervised umap embedding and clustering on free-swimming dataset To reproduce figures, scripts should be run from top to bottom to ensure data is loaded and processed in order. Folder with auxiliary scripts should be added to the MATLAB path and directory locations edited accordingly. We have tried to ensure that there are no missing code dependencies. If you find a key dependency that you cannot replicate/comment out, please contact the authors and we can update this repository.


University College London


Behavioral Neuroscience, Eye Movement, Danio Rerio, Ethology, Swimming, Hunting


Wellcome Trust


Wellcome Trust