Extreme wind speed (Kara Sea)

Published: 07-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vdy2nksk4h.1
Tatiana Matveeva,
Alexander Kislov


This dataset contains wind speed values from ERA5 Reanalysis (obtained from zonal and meridional components of wind speed at 10 meters) for the Kara Sea area for the period 1979-2019. The “real” summer for Arctic is very short, and we used here the data only for July and August. Each dat-file in Archive (total 609 files) is for each grid cell according to grid step of ERA5 (0.25°×0.25°). In order to apply statistical approaches, we composed our data according to the independence condition. Each data sample includes only independent extreme values. We selected the maximum wind speeds from 3-day intervals in wind speed data for each grid cell. Our samples were divided into sea ice and open water conditions, because in some regions, the share of days with ice cover reached 40-50%. As a criterion for this division, we used the concentration threshold of 15%: the days with a sea ice concentration higher than 15% were considered as sea ice conditions and lower than 15% meant open water. We used only open water samples, and in this Archive, we present only these data. These data can be used for statistical analysis.