The cutting path determination problem: input files and solutions' layouts

Published: 16 November 2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/vffwyvbdzy.5
Everton Fernandes Silva


This contains the input files and solution layouts for the results obtained in the work of Silva et al. (2019) - Exact approaches for the cutting path determination problem. Also in Silva, E. F., 2016. Mathematical models to a cutting path determination problem. Master thesis, University of São Paulo. The input files contain the position of the reference point of each item placed. This positioning was taken from the solutions of Rodrigues and Toledo (2017) - A clique covering MIP model for the irregular strip packing problem. The solutions obtained are the optimal solutions from solving the cutting path determination problem with its characteristics described in detail in the thesis. The files are divided in two folders, one containing the solutions obtained when considering the division of overlapping edges and the other without considering the division.



Mathematical Modeling, Combinatorial Optimization, Cutting Process