Human histone H1 variants impact splicing outcome by controlling RNA polymerase II elongation

Published: 16 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vfjm6k4hxg.1
, Chen Gargi, Tamar Levy,


This data includes western blot gels of different knocked out H1 variants related to Figure S1. TapeStation gel of nucleosome ladder (Figure S1). Western blot gels of transfected H1.2 and co-IP of transfected H1.2 with RNAPII (Figure 5)


Steps to reproduce

- Regular western blot and co-IP assays. - Knockout H1 variants were done in a stepwise manner. First, H1.2 was knocked out (1KO cell-line was generated), then H1.3 on the same cell-line of 1KO (2KO). 4KO when H1.0 and H1.5 were knocked out from 2KO cells. 5KO when H1.4 was knocked out from 4KO cell-line. Data here shows the 5KO and 4KO western blot images (this includes the KO of all variants). - TapeStation report


Tel Aviv University


Western Blot