Selwyn streamflow, rainfall and PET

Published: 04-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vfnybz48p3.1
Douglas Booker


Daily streamflow from two river flow gauging stations located in Canterbury, New Zealand. Streamflow is paired with daily rainfall and evaporation estimated from the Virtual Climate Station Network (VCSN). Column descriptions: Site = gauging station name chron = date StreamflowCumecs = stream flow (m3/s) WaterYear = water year Period = Period (Early, Mid, Late) Invalid revers to missing data of dates outside these periods. Catchment.Ave.1.Rain_bc = upstream averaged rainfall (mm) (biased corrected precipitation from VCSN) Catchment.Ave.1.PET = upstream averaged Penman potential evapotranspiration (mm) (biased corrected precipitation from VCSN)


Steps to reproduce

Streamflow data obtained from Environment Canterbury. Meteorological data extracted from NIWA's VCSN.