rust (Hemileia vastatrix) and leaf miner (Leucoptera coffeella) in coffee crop (Coffea arabica).

Published: 20 November 2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/vfxf4trtcg.5


This dataset was used in a research paper called "Artificial intelligence for detection and quantification of rust and leaf miner in coffee crop", where we propose an algorithm and a mobile application to detect Rust and Leaf Miner in coffee leaves. We manually collected and labeled the images from a farm in Brazil, totalizing 285 images of the rust and 257 of the miner. The images are in the original captured resolution of 4000x2250 pixels. We used a simple smartphone camera to capture the images in RGB color system, and most parts of the photos were taken in a laboratory with a white background.



Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo


Computer Vision, Object Detection, Plant Pathology, Convolutional Neural Network