Parents' perceptions about children's online security: Qualitative interviews

Published: 19 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vg3hb74rvb.1
Farzana Quayyum


We conducted semi-structured interviews with 25 parents. This dataset contains the transcripts of the interviews. Our study’s goal was to clearly understand parents’ views on and perceptions of children’s cybersecurity. Considering that the term “cybersecurity” may be confusing or not clear to some parents, we used the term “online security” in our questions, as both terms represent similar concerns and meanings in our context Questions we asked: 1. Considering the current situation, all the children are using the internet and digital platforms more than before for their educational activities and entertainment. How concerned are you about their online security? 2. Do you know about a real story in your environment concerning the safe use of the internet and digital tools for children? Can you say something about it? 3. What security concerns do you have for your children when they are online? 4. How much do your children know about online security? 5. In your opinion, what kind of security awareness do children need when they use the internet? 6. When it comes to educating the children about online security, in your opinion, who should be responsible? Parents or the schools? 7. What do you do at home to ensure online security for your children? 8. Can you tell me an episode when your child learned about online security? 9. What do you think is most challenging in ensuring online security for your children?



Qualitative Interview