Integration of proteomics and metabonomics in exploring the protective mechanism of Xuling-jiangu Tang in rats with osteoporosis

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vg3j4r52j2.1


Xuling strong bone decoction(XLJGT) is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine to treat osteoporosis Traditional Chinese medicine strong bone soup (XLJGT) is a Chinese patent medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis, which has good clinical effect. However, the specific mechanism and target of XLJGT in the treatment of osteoporosis is not clear, which needs further study. Based on the integrated analysis of proteomics and metabolomics, Osteoporosis model rats were established by ovariectomization, and metabolomics (GC/MS) and proteomics (TMT-LC-MC/MC) together with bioinformatics (KEGG pathway enrichment) and joint pathway analysis (MetaboAnalyst) were employed to discover the underlying mechanisms of XLJGT.



Proteomics Experimental Approach, Metabonomics