Stress-Strain Data for Fire-Damaged Aluminum Alloy 6061 Subjected to Multiaxial Loading

Published: 22-04-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vg3wkkb69t.2
Stephen Puplampu


Files in the data repository are organized in folders according to sample identifiers. Samples are named according to the following convention SP_00XX where “XX” are two numerals. Some sample identifiers additionally include a “b” at the end indicating a repeated test subsequent to a failed test. Each folder contains Comma Separated Values (CSV) files from the MTS (DAQ_Running_Time_Timed.txt) and Vic3D systems (SP_00XX_data.txt), a MATLAB scripts for data interpolation (Analysis_script.m), and the CSV file that is generated from running the MATLAB script (SP_00XX_MTS_V3D.csv). For stress calculations it is necessary to input cross-section information for each sample. Sample dimensions (as well as machining direction, material condition, and mechanical test) are included in a descriptive excel file in the root folder named "samples.xlsx". A set of folders (SP_0001b, SP_0003, SP_0005b, SP_0006b, SP_0007b, SP_0009, SP_0010, SP_0011, SP_0012) has one CSV file from MTS and one CSV file from Vic3D (the timing data from the Vic3D cameras was manually added to the strain data file). Folders associated with subsequent tests (SP_0070-SP0082) contain two CSV files from Vic3D (SP_00XX_data.txt, SP_00XX.txt): strain data and data acquisition timing. Regardless, MATLAB scripts in each folder correctly read and interpolate the data as needed. Folders SP_0068 and SP_0069 contain single files because interpolation of MTS and Vic3D data was done manually in Excel prior to development of analysis script.


Steps to reproduce

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