Data for planning hybrid electrical energy systems in Brazil

Published: 25 November 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vgj4rjrj3d.2
Daniel Toledo Kitamura


These data refer to the planning of hybrid electrical energy systems (HEES) for two commercial consumers, C1 and C2, located in Brazil. The file "Data_Components.xlsx" contains the costs and technical specifications of the following HEES components: 1. Photovoltaic panels. 2. Inverter. 3. Diesel generator. 4. Battery energy storage system. The files "Data_Consumer_C1.xlsx" and "Data_Consumer_C2.xlsx" are related to C1 and C2, respectively, and contain the following data: 1. Load demand scenarios. 2. Clearness index scenarios. 3. Diesel price scenarios for thermoelectric generation. 4. Scenarios for the green, yellow, red level 1 and red level 2 tariff flags. 6. Ambient temperature. 5. Number of days each planning period represents. 6. Probability occurrence of each scenario. 7. Probability occurrence of each tariff flag. 8. Contracted demand and demand tariff.



Electrical Engineering, Hybrid Energy System, Distributed Energy System