Research data

Published: 4 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vgyjg8mmp9.1
Qiuping Wang, Wen Chen, Jinxiang Yang, Shangzhi Ma, Gang Guo, Liangxue Zhou, Xing Tian, Bo Han


For this data, first of all, it shows the LC-MS analysis results of the polyphenols extracted from Turkish galls. LC-MS analysis showed that the compounds were polyphenols. Secondly, the data is the analysis of UV-2600 and FTIR. For the form process of the film, the film shows almost linear growth according to the relationship between the absorbance and layer numbers. FTIR shows that the film has been successfully formed by analyzing the movement of new chemical bonds and major absorption peaks. Thirdly, the data shows the influence factors of film formation. Under the condition of lower temperature and smaller pH, the greater the concentrations of raw materials, the faster the formation of film, as well as the higher drug loading. Next, the data shows the release of TPs from the LBL Films. The in vitro release profile of the films suggests zero-order kinetics and the release rate can be controlled by conditions, such as pH, temperature and ionic strength. Last but not least, antioxidant activity of the films was showed. The films showed long-lasting antioxidant activity.



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