Data for: 'Differences between morphological and repetition priming in auditory lexical decision'

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vh2brj43rp.1


In this data set, we include the data for two auditory lexical decision experiments which are presented in the paper entitled "Differences between morphological and repetition priming in auditory lexical decision: Implications for decompositional models". Included with the data are the minimally processed raw data files, the R scripts used to prepare, trim, visualize, and model the data (using linear mixed-effects models), the model outputs themselves, and the graphs generated from the data. Please refer to the file_descriptions.pdf file for more details on the data itself. To start examining the data, please refer to the scripts labeled 1_exp1_data_prep.R and 1_exp2_data_prep.R . Following through to the other R scripts in the /scripts/ folder takes the reader through the analyses presented in the paper. These analyses read in CSV files from the /data/input/ folder and process them to create exp1_prep.csv, exp2_prep.csv, exp1_trim.csv, and exp2_trim.csv. These trimmed data sets are then used in the later scripts in the /scripts/ folder to generate the models found in the /scripts/data/ folder (the HTML output of which are in the /scripts/models/ folder) and the graphs found in the /scripts/graphs/ folder. The final scripts entitled exp1_models.R and exp2_models.R generate the models are found in /scripts/data/. Please direct comments about the data-set to the corresponding authors of the associated paper, Robert J. Wilder ( and Amy Goodwin Davies (



Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Lexical Access, Morphology, Word Recognition, Lexical Decision, Auditory Word Recognition, Spoken Word Recognition