miRNA551b-3p Activates an Oncostatin Signaling Module for the Progression of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Published: 7 November 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/vh8p3fdkfs.3
Deepak Parashar,
Anjali Geethadevi,
Miriam Ragle Aure,
Jyotsna Mishra,
Jasmine George,
Changliang Chen,
Manoj K. Mishra,
Andliena Tahiri,
Wei Zhao,
Bindu Nair,
Yiling Lu,
Lingegowda S. Mangala,
Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo,
Gabriel Lopez-Berestein,
Amadou K.S. Camara,
Mingyu Liang,
Janet S. Rader,
Ramani Ramchandran,
Ming You,
Anil K. Sood,
Vessela N. Kristensen,
Gordon B. Mills,
Sunila Pradeep,
Pradeep Chaluvally-Raghavan


Genomic amplification of 3q26.2 locus leads to the increased expression of microRNA 551b-3p (miR551b-3p) in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Our results demonstrated that the nuclear translocation of miR551b-3p activates the transcription of STAT3 oncogene. We further demonstrated that Importin-8 (IPO8) facilitates the translocation of miR551b-3p from the cytoplasm to the nucleus. As a consequence, miR551b upregulates the expression of Oncostatin M receptor (OSMR) and Interleukin-31 receptor (IL31RA) as well as their ligands Oncostatin-M (OSM) and Interleukin 31 (IL31) through STAT3 transcription factor for breast cancer growth and progression.



Medical College of Wisconsin


Breast Cancer, Western Blot