Software and designfiles for an autonomous robot bin picking mixed insect samples using computer vision

Published: 12 June 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vhv3xpp2r8.2
Jeppe Fogh Rasmussen,


These software and design files enable the replication of the Insect Handling System (IHS). IHS is an autonomous robotic solution, using various developed manipulators, designed to streamline the processing of insect samples. By integrating advanced robotics, computer vision, and pneumatic systems, the IHS can efficiently manage large volumes of insect samples one sample at a time, significantly reducing the manual workload. This innovation aims to enhance the efficiency of entomological research, enabling large-scale, precise, and automated insect population studies, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding of environmental impacts on biodiversity. The system was created by two project groups at Aarhus University. It consists of a UR5 robot manipulating and changing between multiple tools to separate and move insects in large samples. The system uses computer vision and LabVIEW software, along with Arduino and Polyscope, pertaining to the UR5 robot arm.



Aarhus Universitet


Sample Handling, Sample Preparation, Automation Process