NMR Data for Liquid and Hydrogel Phases of PrPC Linked to Conformation Shifts and Triggered by Alzheimer’s Amyloid-β Oligomers

Published: 25 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vj5hpbxk4y.1
Mikhail Kostylev,
Marcus Tuttle,
Suho Lee,
Lauren Klein,
Hideyuki Takahashi,
Timothy Cox,
Erik Gunther,
Kurt Zilm,
stephen strittmatter


1D and 2D multidimensional solution and solid-state NMR spectroscopy date for PrP and Abo phase separation and hydrogel formation. For 1D data, files are frequency domain XY data in comma separated format, with column 1 being the chemical shift, in ppm, with column 2 being the intensity. 2D data are frequency domain ucsf files ready for import into Sparky or other NMR visualization software.



Yale University School of Medicine, Yale University


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy