CT images and radiotherapy treatment planning of patients with breast cancer: A dataset

Published: 13 June 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vj83jj6fvt.2


The data presented here were originally collected for the research project “Characterization of alpha wave frequency in psychophysiological insomnia and Non- psychophysiological insomnia subjects during sleep (Grant Number: XXX)”. Also, it reported in our study “Prediction of Lung Tissue Damage by Evaluating Clinical and Dosimetric Parameters in Breast Cancer Patients”. This article describes and directly links to 52 subjects referred to Mahdieh Oncology and Radiotherapy Center from February to August 2015. Treatment planning was done for delivering 50 Gy dose to PTV in 25 fractions. the lungs and heart objects were extracted from CT images along with compliance Dose plan. Dose-volume histogram (DVH) and Dose-mass histogram (DMH) extracted using CT images and dose plan matrix. Moreover, the complete clinical and dosimetric specifications of subjects is attached.



Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences


Cancer Radiotherapy