Modulation of Photo-induced Raman Enhancement in Ag Nanoparticles deposited on Nanometer-thick TiO2 Films. An Interplay between Plasmonic Properties and Irradiation Energy

Published: 29 November 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vkcs6xjpdh.2
Lukasz Pieta, Aneta Kisielewska, Kamilla Malek, Ireneusz Piwoński


Abstract: Photo-induced enhanced Raman spectroscopy (PIERS) is an innovative technology that offers additional enhancement in Raman signal compared to surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). In this study, we fabricated nanohybrids consisting of silver nanoparticles on an ultra-thin anatase film using a photoreduction method. This approach allowed for the controllable synthesis of SERS and PIERS nanoplatforms, characterized by oval-shaped nanoparticles, yet varying in size and surface coverage, leading to distinct plasmonic properties. A mere 15-minute UV pre-treatment with low photon density already initiated significant charge-transfer processes followed by Raman spectra under non-resonant conditions of the molecule and estimated by enhancement factor in the range of 12 - 17. This phenomenon was observed for a molecular monolayer of a thiol derivative. Not only boosting electron migration appeared. This unique interface of the Ag-anatase composite undoubtedly contributed to extended relaxation times of photo-induced enhancement. Furthermore, we investigated how plasmonic and morphological features of the nanoplatforms, in conjunction with UV and Vis illumination, modulated the migration of photoinduced electrons from the semiconductor to the metal. These findings highlighted the variety of processes contributing to the creation of efficient PIERS materials. Link to the article:


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All information on measurement conditions, research methodology, collection of experimental results and their processing is detailed in the main body of the publication linked to the presented results, as well as in the supplementary materials. Raw Raman images will be available on the request.


Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w Krakowie


Raman Spectroscopy, Nanomaterials, Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Titanium Dioxide, Silver Nanoparticle


Uniwersytet Jagielloński w Krakowie


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