Data for: Microstructure evolution of modified 310S austenitic stainless steels under argon ion irradiation at different temperatures

Published: 15 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vkpp9xdn2d.1
Zhenyu Shen, Weiping Zhang, Rui Tang, Yaxia Wei, Yunxiang Long, Cheng Chen, Xiong Zhou, Liping Guo, Shui Qiu


The effects of oversized additive atoms on microstructure evolution in 310S stainless steel under irradiation was investigated. Irradiations of 120 -keV Ar+ were conducted on two types of modified 310S stainless steel at 290 °C and 550 °C. SC-1 was modified with Zr and SC-2 was modified with Nb, Ta and W. Compared with SC-2, low density, smaller cavities formed in SC-1 at 290 °C. When the temperature was increased to 550 °C, different cavity behaviors were observed in the two materials. In SC-1, as the irradiation temperature changed from 290 °C to 550 °C, the average cavity size increased while the cavity density dropped to a lower value; however, in SC-2, the average size and density of cavities shifted to larger values. At 550 °C, low density, larger cavities were observed in SC-1 compared with SC-2. In addition, precipitates enriched with Ni were observed in SC-1, while Nb- and Ta-enriched precipitates were found in SC-2. TEM images, EDS results of precipitates and average size and density of cavities and precipitates are provided.



Wuhan University


Structural Materials for Nuclear Reactors