Data for: Curie–Weiss behavior of the low-temperature paramagnetic susceptibility of semiconductors doped and compensated with hydrogen-like impurities

Published: 07-05-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vmkywd69cr.2


File "CurieWeiss.m" provides Mathematica code for reproduction of Figures 1-3 of the article. See "CurieWeiss.pdf" for the results of the code execution.


Steps to reproduce

- Open CurieWeiss.m file with Mathematica. - Execute code by pressing "Run Package" button or "Shift-Enter" for every cell. - Output files "zJ(N).txt", "zJ(K).txt", "zJ(T).txt" for Model="dEc2" should appear in the current directory. - Copy the output files to a different directory, otherwise they will be rewritten in the next steps. - Manually uncomment the first line and comment the second line for Model="dEc1". - Execute code another time by pressing "Run Package" button. - Output files "zJ(N).txt", "zJ(K).txt", "zJ(T).txt" for Model="dEc1" should appear in the current directory.