Data for: Thermoregulatory behaviour and orientation preference in bearded dragons

Published: 25 July 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vmyptb3vcp.2
Glenn Tattersall, Ian Black


Two data sets (csv files) are included, one from Adult bearded dragons and one from neonatal bearded dragons. The data are the raw values measured every 30 seconds during ~8 hour long experiments where lizards were free to select temperatures in a laboratory thermal gradient. Data are coded by animal ID, time (seconds), mass when available (in grams), sex (available in adults). Behavioural parameters include the temperature selected, the orientation (direction the animal was facing) and movement (whether the animal moved in a 30 second period of time). Two R scripts are also included that further simplify and summarise the results, perform linear mixed model, multi-model inference and likeilhood ratio testing, as well as produce graphs used in the manuscript.



Animal Behavior, Body Temperature Regulation, Animal Neuroethology, Sensory Learning, Thermal Comfort, Ontogeny of Animal Behavior, Thermoregulation in Animals