Data for: Topological Considerations on the Use of Batteries to Enhance the Reliability of HV-Grids

Published: 29 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vnbprxbtb5.1
Laura Fiorini, Davide POLI, Marco Aiello, Paolo PELACCHI


In the paper submitted to the Journal of Energy Storage with the title “Topological Considerations on the Use of Batteries to Enhance the Reliability of HV-Grids”, we address the storage sizing and siting problem in transmission grid by proposing a novel approach based on the combination of a graph-theoretical perspective with a probabilistic reliability analysis. The storage is assumed to be installed and operated by the TSO in order to improve the system reliability and increase the hosting capacity of renewable energy sources. Using a modified version of the IEEE-RTS 96, we generated seven additional grids with different topologies, and we investigated to what extent the structure of the grid can influence the system reliability and the optimal siting of batteries. The whole data set of results has a size of roughly 55 GB and it is available upon request to the authors. Due to the significant size of the data set, we provide tables that summarize the main outputs of the simulations in order to help understand the discussion of results in the paper.



Network Topology, Network Reliability, Energy Storage System Optimization