Hourly NO2 concentrations from surface stations

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vpb7vfrdn8.1
Larissa Haringer


This dataset is for hourly NO2 concentrations from surface stations: Marginal Tietê - Ponte Remédios and Guarulhos- Pimentas, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and at the station Porta San Felice, located in the urban area of the city of Bologna. The data for the stations located in São Paulo were extracted from the platform of the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (CETESB, 2022) and from the Agenzia Prevenzione Ambiente Energia- Emilia Romagna (ARPAE, 2022) for the station located in Bologna. ARPAE - Agenzia Prevenzione Ambiente Energia emilia romagna, 2022. Available at: Estrazione dati dalla rete regionale di qualità dell'aria. https://dati.arpae.it/dataset/qualita-dell-aria-rete- dihttps://dati.arpae.it/dataset/qualita-dell-aria-rete-di-monitoraggio/resource/70da49ad-46d6-4945- 90ee-4149016a40bf/monitoraggio/resource/70da49ad-46d6-4945-90ee-4149016a40bf./ (Accessed: October 13, 2022). CETESB. QUALAR - AIR QUALITY INFORMATION SYSTEM. https://qualar.cetesb.sp.gov.br/qualar/relConfig. caoEstacao.do?method=gerarRelatorio/ (Accessed on: October 13, 2022.)



Air Pollutant, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxidation of Hydrocarbons