The Blame Game: Why Shifting Responsibility Won't Lead to Success

Published: 28 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vpm9kg2chx.1
Surjit Singha,


It is anecdotally said that on the journey to success, there are always a variety of trials which can test one's will and spirit for battle. Yet, instead of looking for answers to failure, there is a black hole where theories do not exist. We fall into the habit of blaming external causes such as the system-or bad luck that affects 'other people'. To uproot this kind of metaphysical tendency is the first point of this article. It articulates blamelessness as a sure path to peace and achievement that cannot be otherwise achieved. It urges readers to bite the bullet and act proactively and responsibly in their own lives so they can indeed succeed. Consumers have claimed more rights than ever in history by cultivating true success in addition to their goals and determination by fostering personal accountability, perseverance and overcoming obstacles.