Nutritional Dataset for New Zealand Foods

Published: 14 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vs5d9hv2dd.1
Chandrakumar Chanjief,
Carolyn E Lister,
Sarah J McLaren,
Karin Müller,
Indrakumar Vetharaniam,
Paul Johnstone


This dataset was developed to understand the nutrient content of the commonly consumed foods in New Zealand. - The linkages between two prominent New Zealand studies (or databases) were evaluated, in order to determine the matching between the foods in those studies. - The first study was the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey (NZANS) for the total New Zealand population, which presents the commonly consumed foods (a total of 346) in New Zealand. - The second study was the New Zealand FOODfiles™ 2018 Version 01, which is a database that provides nutrition information (both essential nutrients and essential amino acids) for 2,767 foods. - Some of the foods in the 2008/09 NZANS are dishes (or menus); the nutrient content of each of those dishes was constructed based on the work by Drew et al. (2020). References 1. Drew J, Cleghorn C, Macmillan A, Mizdrak A. 2020. Healthy and Climate-Friendly Eating Patterns in the New Zealand Context. Environ Health Perspect. 128(1): 017007. 2. Plant and Food Research, Ministry of Health. 2019. New Zealand Food Composition Database. The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited. [accessed 12 Feb 2020]. 3. University of Otago, Ministry of Health. 2011. A Focus on Nutrition: Key Findings of the 2008/09 New Zealand Adult Nutrition Survey. Wellington, New Zealand: Ministry of Health. Last update: 12 September 2020



Massey University - Manawatu Campus


Nutrition, Amino Acids, Food Composition Databases, Food System Sustainability