Data for: The productivity and income effects of improved soybean varieties and agronomic practices in Malawi

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vt27p9vs9k.1
Adane Tufa


We assess the adoption of agricultural technologies and their impacts on soybean yield and net crop income using household survey data collected in 2016/2017 cropping season from 1237 soybean growing households in rural Malawi. The data contains detailed demographic and socioeconomic characteristics such as household heads’ age, education, sex and marital status; household size; non-land assets; area of land cultivated and distance from residence to local markets. The data also include biophysical characteristics such as soil fertility, depth and slope. It also contains institutional characteristics such as access to extension services, membership to farmers’ organizations and sources of information on improved varieties. The data was collected using a standardized questionnaire programmed in Surveybe software and administered by trained enumerators. Area of cultivated land was measured using a global positioning system (GPS) to minimize a recall error by the respondents.



Agricultural Economics, Impact Evaluation