Human instability flooding risk in urban areas under climate change: Hydrological modeling improvements and methods comparison

Published: 3 May 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/vtfz6yk9mx.3
luis castillo


This dataset have all the hydrodynamic runs with the HydroPol2D model. Every run have all the necessary data to run the HydroPol2D and their respective results (every 10 minutes). Among the files are included: - Configuration files (.ini) - Hydrological data (base flow, rainfall intensity, water levels) (.csv) - Grid information (DEM, LULC) (.txt - ASCII) - Hydrologic resulting data (Outlet hydrograph) (.txt) - Grid resulting information (Maximum Flood levels, Human instability Risk methods) (.tif) There are four main compressed files (.rar): - DEMs_runs.rar contains the HydroPol2D runs for the DEM tested. - Sensitivity_runs.rar contains the HydroPol2D runs for the sensitivity analyses. - Climate_change_runs.rar contains the HydroPol2D runs for the calibration and validation procedure - Calibration_validation_runs.rar contains the HydroPol2D runs for the climate change scenarios *Gifs examples of the basin DEM, Water depth, FTI and BTI risk for and event under climate change are showed.


Steps to reproduce

See HydroPol2D Github.


Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Universidade de Sao Paulo


Hydrology, Climate Change, Digital Elevation Model, Flood, Instability, Risk