Iron oxide activation of persulphate as measured by orange G degradation

Published: 15 December 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vtxjkj5fk3.1
Ikechukwu Ike, Mikel Duke


This data set is a record of laboratory experiments performed to evaluate the effectiveness of persulphate activation by the three common iron oxides, magnetite, maghemite and haematite as measured by the degradation of a target environmental pollutant, orange G. Data presented in Excel spreadsheets showing the effect of the presence of persulphate, magnetite oxidation, iron oxide mineralogy, concentration of hydroxyl groups on haematite, size of particle, coating by co-existing silica and carbonate minerals. Also presented are data for dissolved iron as ferrous and ferric ion activation of persulphate, the degree of dissolution of iron oxides during persulphate activation and the influence of pH and phosphate buffering on iron oxide activation of persulphate. The characterisation of the iron oxide particles using N2 adsorption, colorimetry, magnetometry, xray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy are also presented.



Victoria University


Environmental Chemical Engineering