Published: 08-04-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vv4c8k2d6f.1
Veena Saini


This is an artificial dataset, that contains labelled anomalous process instances. It is created to understand anomaly detection in the bug fixing process of open source projects. Here event_log_artificial contains columns: case_id and activityName whereas trial_log_traces contains columns: case_id, trace and anomalous. Here anomalous "yes" means it is an anomaly and "no" means normal process execution. These logs were created by randomly selecting anomalous traces from (my_anomalous_traces.csv) and normal traces from traces_unique_id.xlsx. As the index of log increases (artificial1, artifiicial2) , number of anomalies also increases. Here 1: Open 2: Closed 3: Resolved 4: In progress 5. Reopened 6. Z Here Z is an anomalous activity.