Genome annotation; prediction of ADA, CREBBP, IGF1R, INSRA, MGAT5, MTR, NPR2 genes in fish genomes

Published: 15 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/vv82v4zcw2.1
Swarajpal Singh Randhawa,


Data comprised of 7 genes which are predicted in 151 organisms, these genes comprised of ADA, CREBBP, IGF1R, INSRA, NPR2, MTR and MGAT5. These genes are considered in aging process, all these genes were BLAST searched in 174 fish genomes and the species in which these genes were not predicted yet are predicted in this work. Genes were not submitted with NCBI database as fish genomes have gaps in between as of this we did not prefer to submit this with NCBI, but this data comprised of major information regarding position of gene on genome, gene structure, gene size and protein size. This will be very helpful in primer designing for amplification process if someone wants to work with these genes. This data is a part of data which i generated for masters research work as designed domains data i submitted with PDB sum.



Fish, Genome