Impact of Wine Influencers' Characteristics on Consumer Behavior

Published: 26 March 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/vvvhskpj36.2
Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam,


This curated data is part of study on Wine influencer's chareactersitcs on consumer behaviour. Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model, this study examines the impact of wine influencers' characteristics on consumers' attitudes, purchase intentions, and actual buying behavior. A survey of 404 social media users was conducted using a structured questionnaire. The structural modeling analysis found that perceived credibility impacts attitudes toward influencers but not recommended brands. However, we have included only 100 rows of data of important study constructs.


Steps to reproduce

It contains only 100 rows of data.


Manipal Academy of Higher Education


Consumer Behavior, Hospitality Management, Influencer Marketing